7 Different Homepage Sliders

Do you know Striking has 7 different sliders?

Striking has 7 different sliders which can be set to display in the featured header area of a page. Some of the sliders have been shortcoded so you can also call them anywhere in the page body content. The Striking theme has following sliders embedded :

  • Nivo Slider
  • Ken Burner Slider
  • Accordion Slider
  • The Roundabout Slider
  • The Revolution Slider
  • The Fotorama Slider
  • The Carousel Slider

The slider set within the page will display slides (images) of a chozen category, or images attached to a blogpost. Each slider item has settings in which the behaviour of the image while in the slideshow can be influenced.

Options can be set for each slider item

Special settings for the Ken Burner slider

Each slider item has specific settings for the Ken Burner slider which can be set to make the slider item (the image) behave different for that slider only.

Slider item options for the Ken Burner Slider

Do you know Striking has unlimited Slider Presets?

In Striking you can create slider presets. in the Striking slider options you can set and applied for the behaviour of your slideshow in the frontside of the website. But unlike other themes in Striking you have the ability to create presets of those settings. This is rather neat as it allows you to have different global settings for same slideshows. This way you can have a slideshow on one page acting completely different on a another page whereas it is still the same slideshow.

Striking allows to save your slider options in a preset