The Revolution Slider


The Revolution slider is a premium plugin normally costing the user $19 for a single use license at Codecanyon but which is integrated as a plugin directly into Striking MultiFlex (we have their permission for its use in MultiFlex and in fact have contributed many code suggestions to their development team).  Therefore it does not use Slider Items -> which is a custom post type in MultiFlex but has its own menu option tree, which you access via the wp admin menu to the left of this content area.

This slider is a full html slider that supports images, text and content (via layers), videos, and it also supports filtering of some post types.

Be advised it is a very full featured, complex plugin.  Our experience is that it takes time, perseverance and practice for most non-professional web designers to learn and utilize this slider effectively.  Working in layers is similar to using adobe photoshop and similar image editing products.  We suggest novice users start with the other sliders in MultiFlex, and work up to the Rev slider.

The Striking development team supports for free questions about the integration of the plugin such as how to turn it on and off in the theme, and how to select a Rev slideshow for the feature header area of any page.  We have integrated Rev slider fields in the Page General Options Metabox so you can easily grab your slideshows you have created in the Revolution Slider Plugin.

But any question regarding actual usage/functions within the slider itself are considered part of website design/customization, and are handled on a paid basis only.  However, the plugin creators have many videos on their homepage at Codecanyon which  usually are more then adequate for getting most users up and running with at least some basic Rev slides:

Revolution Slider Homepage at Codecanyon

Options for the Revolution Slider

Options for the revoultion slider
Revolution slider plugin settings