Admin Panel Options

The Striking Admin Panel Options

All Striking settings and options are available in the wordpress backend in the Striking Section. The striking options menu has two visible states as shown in the image below.


Clicking on one of the striking menu items will open a option panel in which settings can be changed. Depending on the option panel that is opened more tabbed panels with more options become available. In Striking one can adjust almost everything. It is this that makes Striking the most adjustable wordpress Theme sold on Themeforest.


Striking Allows global settings to be adjusted on a single page / post basis.

The Striking Theme Options / Settings are Global. But we also provide settings to override those on a page / post or portfolio item basis. This way you can tweak your website pages individually and make pages or post look different from the default chozen style. We even allow you to tweak CSS and load JavaScript on page basis. Which theme you have ever bought besides Striking allows you this?
Override the default layout (fullwidth, sidebar left or right), Which Sidebar to Show, breadcrumbs and Sticky Footer
Override the default Header settings and content of the header on a page basis (Titles, sliders and / or custom text).
Override default global colors, add custom css and add custom javascript to this page only.