Custom Sidebars

Generate Sidebar

The Striking Theme allows to create as many custom sidebar area’s as required. Sidebar area’s can contain any of the available widgets in the wordpress widget area. The widgets are processed once the page is viewed in the front of a website and will presented the required data.

Generate Sidebar

Assign Sidebar to a single Page or Post

Custom Sidebars can be assigned on a page or post basis.

Assign Sidebar

Assign Sidebars Global

Default Custom Sidebars can be assigned global for :

  • Single Pages
  • Single Portfolio Items
  • Single Post Pages


Sidebars & Archive pages

Assign Sidebars

Default Custom Sidebars can be assigned global to archive pages for :

  • The Archive Page
  • Search page
  • Post Category Pages
  • Post Tag Pages
  • Post Date Pages
  • Author Pages

Assign Sidebars Global to Archive pages


Assign Sidebars to 3rd Party Plugins Post Types (archive) pages

Default Custom Sidebars can be assigned to 3rd party Custom Post Types and Archive pages if the Striking Theme detects them :


Assign Sidebars to Woo E-Commerce pages

Default Custom Sidebars can be assigned to the Woo E-commerce Custom Post Type :


16 Striking Widgets and 10 Predefined Widget Area Containers

Custom Sidebars can contain widgets. The sidebars are visible in the wordpress —> appearance —> widget section. In here widgets can be added to each of the availabe (custom) sidebars. Striking has beside custom sidebars already a number of default sidebar area’s created and available in the wordpress widget section.