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The Striking Lightbox

The striking theme has the ability to link almost everyting into a lightbox popup, even iframes with a link to a external website are supported (if the website does allow iframe linking). The lighbox shortcode is a very complex shortcode because of its comprehensive settings and abilities. Below are some examples and abilities shown about what can be done with the Striking lightbox shortcode and how a lightbox can be triggered. Note : These are just a limited excerpt of it’s wide range lightbox abilities.


  • title: default,radius,round
  • group: small,default,large (optional)
  • type : inline, image, Ajax, Iframe, Swf
  • close: true,false (optional)
  • href (optional)
  • width (optional)
  • height (optional)
  • autoSize : true, false (optional)
  • autoWidth : true, false(optional)
  • fitToView : true, false (optional)
  • aspectRatio : true, false (optional)
  • closeToClick : true, false (optional)
  • imageSource_type (optional)
  • imageEffect icon, grayscale (optional)
  • imageWidth (optional)
  • imageHeight (optional)
  • imageAlign : left, right, center (optional)
  • imageIcon : zoom, play, doc link(optional)
  • imageSize (optional)

Shortcode Option Panel

shortcode lightbox
shortcode lightbox


Lightbox trigger by text

Single Image
Grouped Photo 1
Grouped Photo 2
Grouped Photo 3

[lightbox title="Title" href=""]Single Image[/lightbox] [lightbox group="portfolio" href=""]Grouped Photo 1[/lightbox] [lightbox group="portfolio" href=""]Grouped Photo 2[/lightbox] [lightbox group="portfolio" href=""]Grouped Photo 3[/lightbox]

Lightbox triggered by a image or button

[lightbox title="Lightbox triggered by Image" type="image" href="" alt=""/>" width="600" height="480" imageSource_type="attachment_id" imageSource_value="914" imageWidth="150" imageHeight="150" imageAlign="center" imageIcon="zoom"]" alt=""/>[/lightbox] [lightbox title="Lightbox triggered by button" href=""][button size="medium" bgColor="#0062c3"]Lightbox[/button][/lightbox]

Lightbox displaying a website in a iframe triggered by text.

Outside Webpage (Iframe) [lightbox title="Themeforest" href="" iframe="true"]Outside Webpage (Iframe)[/lightbox]

Video in a lightbox triggered by text

Lightbox with video [lightbox title="Lightbox with video" href="#vimeo_lightbox" inline="true" width="630" height="355"]Lightbox with video[/lightbox] <div class="hidden"> <div id="vimeo_lightbox"> [video type="vimeo" clip_id="15103655" width="630" height="355"] </div> </div>

Lightbox displaying a google map triggered by text

Click to open a google map

[lightbox title="Google Map" href=",+Manchester,+United+Kingdom&daddr=Market+Street,+Manchester,+United+Kingdom&geocode=Fb73LwMd78rd_ynrzQF277F7SDFCVWJLKaXq4A%3BFYsUMAMdYNHd_yEJYLMek9kdTCnHMI-4wLF7SDEKhNQKCkytQw&aq=0&oq=Market+Street+&sll=53.476426,-2.2228&sspn=0.020356,0.066047&vpsrc=0&hl=en&mra=ls&ie=UTF8&t=m&ll=53.47871,-2.24096&spn=0.00688,0.00326&output=embed" iframe="true"]Click to open a google map[/lightbox]